April 30, 2019

Graham Beck

Set on the outskirts of Robertson, Graham Beck is a genuinely tranquil estate, and although we had a rainy day with our visit, we were still able to be amazed for the care that has taken in the landscape and architecture. With the elegant interior and breathtaking exterior, the only thing to do was sit back, relax and enjoy some bubbles as we overlook the gorgeous estate.

Stepping into a clean and well-maintained environment, we could see the staff took care and pride in their surroundings. We had some discomfort at the start of our tasting but this soon passed as we bonded with the friendly staff and answering our questions as best they could. The team knew what they were selling, but it felt vague when providing details on the process, grape varieties and pairing possibilities.

We love our MCC, we love the bubbles, and we love the celebration that comes along with it, but we found ourselves whispering to one another as the atmosphere felt strict and “posh”. There was no laughter to fill the room, no music to ease the soul and no interaction from staff apart from pouring and giving a few well-rehearsed notes. It left us wondering if MCC is then really enjoyable if there is no uplifting atmosphere to accompany it?

However, we still had a fabulous time and were impressed pride the staff portrayed through their service, their beautiful uniforms and the overall aesthetics of the tasting room.

Graham Beck is a genuinely tranquil estate that is a must-visit for any MCC lover or newbie, at reasonably priced you can’t go wrong. No need for bookings, walking in is that easy, but we would recommend booking for large parties as space is limited.

Only notes we have for Graham Beck is to bring in something into the tasting room that can make it more enjoyable and not so flat. Maybe, just maybe also repaint the exterior of the building in a different colour.

Staff Friendliness
Staff Knowledge
Dress Code
Wine Selection
Booking Process
Extra Services
Overall: 39/50

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